Of Eurydice

I wrote this poem in memory of my Dominant, who passed away recently and far too soon due to cancer. He is the inspiration of my stories sub+Human and Crimson Wax and was always a kind person to me. So, I wrote a gender swapped poetic reinterpretation of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth.

They say to become immortal, you should plant a tree, have a child, and write a poem.

This poem is written to give Him immortality.

Of Eurydice

She stretched out her despairing arms,
Eager to rescue Him, or feel His form,
But could hold nothing save the yielding air
Silent and empty as grew a quiet storm

The saffron mantle dissolves at sunset
And the wine-colored sea engulfs the light
Fresh pain is her sudden silent scream
Drowning sorrows banish what was bright

Too young, too kind, too sweet, too soon
None can comprehend the pain they see
Stone-hearted Hades premature in his due
A maenad’s madness welcome must be

Take her lyre and pluck out a sweet string
Mend this gentle glen’s severed life-thread
Or grant an elixir, she beseeched begged
But the gods stood silent to all she pled

No platitude is strong enough
No words can fill an empty heart
But she will cling to those who knew Orpheus
And in that way, they never will part

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