Crimson Wax

Another sexy story in the universe of my book! This one is f/f/m and 2.4k words, featuring a polyamorous and bisexual vampire and a little wax play – intended for adult audiences, though nothing too graphic is explicitly stated. Enjoy!

Image is of a half-melted and extinguished red candle in the palm of a woman’s hand

Crimson Wax

Vampires were much like reptiles, cold blooded and drawn to warmth, and Shin Eunju was no exception. Her maker, a beautiful strawberry-haired three-hundred-year-old former pirate named Anne, had turned her on to the sensation of heat not long after changing Eunju to join her harem of vampire brides. When Eunju had a night alone with her lover, her favorite play involved wax, and it was that play she anticipated when she arrived at Anne’s home. To her surprise, one of Anne’s other lovers was waiting with the vampire. The bigger surprise was that it wasn’t one of Anne’s brides: it was a man. 

Eunju considered herself bisexual on a technicality. Her preference nine times out of ten was women, and she would happily lose herself forever in the voluptuous curves of an hourglass shape. In her experience, Anne was the same. Nine times out of ten, they lusted for women. The man there that night was a ten, unnaturally attractive in the way only the supernatural could be. 

“So good to see you, dear! Come in,” Anne called. “This is James, an old friend of mine.” 

Old friend for certain. Eunju had only recently become a vampire, but she could tell instinctively that James was just as old if not older than Anne. He had the muscular arms of a man who’d done manual labor in life, perhaps as a sailor alongside Anne. He kept his hair in dreadlocks just below shoulder length and had a tasteful beard. He was lucky – Eunju had seen too many older vampires who had been turned while sporting horrifically dated hairstyles, facial and otherwise. She herself had refused Anne’s gift until she had gotten all her hair just right. His style looked classic. He smiled at Eunju and gave her a short nod. If she had been human, she might have blushed. Instead, she nervously twirled her stick-straight black hair and gave him a smile in return before looking questioningly at Anne. 

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to sleep with him if you don’t want to,” the strawberry-haired pirate teased, the freckles on her pale face accented by the dimples in her smirk. “James here is an artist, and I couldn’t help but brag to him about your beauty.” 

“She wasn’t exaggerating. You are lovely,” he said. 

“I, I mean, it’s all thanks to Anne. She turned me. But thanks,” Eunju said, unsure of how to accept a compliment and knowing Anne was enjoying seeing her squirm. “Uh, I’m Eunju.” 

James darted forward and took her hand in his, kissing her knuckles. “Charmed. Eunju, is that name Korean?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “But I haven’t been there since I was a kid.” Eunju looked over at Anne again. “So, what’s going on? Are we still…?”

“Don’t fret dear one, you’ll have your pleasure.” Anne darted forward and pressed her lips to Eunju’s in a deep and needful kiss. Eunju melted against her and almost forgot they had a spectator as she pushed a hand up Anne’s shirt, only to be reminded of his presence when he cleared his throat. 

Image is of the famous pirate, Anne Bonny

Eunju grinned and pulled back. “Sorry, it’s been a little while.” A while meaning a whole week – far too long. Eunju needed to find a human girlfriend to spend regular nights with, and to drink from, so she wouldn’t be so pent up all the time. She knew Anne had one somewhere in the house, a sweet blonde thing named Suzette. Eunju wanted one too, and for a moment pondered what it might be like to have her own harem the way Anne did. “So, what’s all this about?” 

“Like I said, James’s an artist-“

“Not a pirate?” Eunju interjected.

“I haven’t been a pirate since the seventeen hundreds,” James laughed, a full and rich sound that filled the room. “This century, I’m an artist.”

“Exactly,” Anne said “Anyway, James here was in town and he likes to make pictures. Would you let him draw you?” 

“Yeah, I guess that’s fine,” Eunju said, then raised an eyebrow. “What’s the twist?”

Anne grinned. “The twist in our tale is you’ll be naked, of course. And I want you to stay completely still while he draws you. No matter what.” 

Eunju was already excited. Anne’s tone meant there would definitely be distractions. 

Anne gave her a slow kiss, then turned and gave James one as well. It felt good, to be so close to two such attractive people, close enough she could feel the heat between them despite none of the company present having any body heat to speak of. Eunju almost leaned in to kiss the both of them, but was transfixed and decided instead to enjoy the view. 

Anne broke the kiss and grinned. “You’ll get your turn, my little sex kitten,” she teased. “Come with me.” 

Anne led the pair into her dining room – a room which seldom saw any use since the owner of the house never ate food. The one “food” that was eaten was draped naked over the mahogany table, pale and pretty. 

“Hey, Eunju,” Suzette said, tossing her golden curls.

“Hey,” she replied. First James and now Suzette… it seemed Anne had quite the night planned.

 There was an easel set up for James, and he went straight to it, unpacking the instruments of his hobby, while Suzette hopped up to go watch him, sitting like a daintily perched fairy on a chair arm. Anne sat down in the chair, a beautifully upholstered piece of furniture with lion paw feet that had to be as old as she was, or at least looked the part. 

“Take off your clothes for us, Eunju,” Anne said. 

Finally, the part Eunju liked. With all eyes on her, she slowly slipped off every article of clothing until she stood naked before them. 

“You are a work of art,” James complimented as he looked her up and down. “A perfect subject.” 

Eunju smiled, toying nervously with her hair again. 

“Almost perfect,” Anne said as she got up and shoved Eunju back until she felt the table behind her, then pushed her onto her back. “Arms above your head. Bend one knee. Yes, just like that. I want you to hold that pose.” Anne picked something up from the floor and revealed several candles and a box of matches. Eunju inhaled sharply in anticipation. “Be… perfectly… still.” 

The smaller candles were arranged along her arms, and the rest were set on her chest, abdomen, and unbent leg, a bright crimson one perched atop her bent knee. 

“Beautiful,” James remarked as he approached and struck a match, lighting the candles on her leg one by one. 

“Isn’t she just?” Anne said, her pale face illuminated in flickers as she struck another match and began to light the candles on Eunju’s arms and torso. “Remember darling. Don’t move, not an inch,” Anne said when she was done, and gave her a kiss before returning to her chair and pulling the giggling Suzette into her lap.

The first of the wax to drip over the edge of the candles and sting Eunju with that glorious heat was on her arms. It trickled down her sensitive wrists, her forearms, and inner elbows creases. She took a deep breath, enjoying the lingering smell of smoke from the extinguished matches. It was slow, waiting for the wax to dribble across her body, and sensual. The heat made her feel alive, with the fragile solidifying wax mold that was forming over her felt like bondage, keeping her the perfect immobile subject for James’s art. She watched him as he worked, but her gaze was quickly captured by her pirate lover and the human whimpering in her lap. The sweet scent of blood mixed with smoke and wax as Anne held eye contact with Eunju and bit into Suzette’s vulnerable neck, making an erotic show to titillate her. 

Suzette moaned, and Anne pulled out her fangs, her eyes flashing red to match the twin lines of blood that dripped down the girl’s neck, just as crimson wax dripped down with it’s rolling heat along Eunju’s skin. It felt incredible. She wanted to jump up and share the girl with Anne, to lick the sweetness, but knew she shouldn’t move. It would disrupt the art.

Eunju looked over at the artist, and he seemed intently focused on capturing her image. That wouldn’t do – if she was going to be distracted by constant trickles of heat, then he could use a little bit of distraction. She smiled a little and when she caught his eye, she winked. He chuckled to himself and continued to work.

Anne left Suzette on the chair, whispering in her ear to go to her room for the night, and came over to the table. “Are you trying to tease my friend?” she asked, a smile in the corner of her lips as she lit a long, red candle and held it over Eunju’s prone body.

“Only a little,” she admitted.

Image is of a woman’s hand holding a lit, melting, and white candle

“And not even a little wink for me?” Anne pouted. “You wound me.”

Eunju gasped as the wax splashed on her chest, but held herself completely immoble as to not disturb the other candles. “I-” Wax hit a sensitive spot, making her whimper and bite her lip, accidentally drawing blood by a fang. “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll punish you later.” Anne planted a kiss on Eunju’s forehead, while still letting the candle drip onto every vulnerable spot she could find. 

As the candles burned dangerously low, James finally turned around his easel to reveal his masterpiece. It was a black and white charcoal drawing, with crimson oil pastel used to bring vibrant life to Eunju’s vampire eyes and the wax. It was ethereal to behold.

“Wow,” she said as she looked over the curves he’d captured on paper. “I love it.”

“I’ll let you keep it,” James said. Anne leaned over and blew out the candles along Eunju’s arms, then tipping them over so that what was left of the liquid wax spilled along her skin. She looked up at her lover with adoration, lost in those dimples, freckles, and wild strawberry hair. 

“Hurt me,” Eunju whispered. 

“Later, my love,” Anne replied. 

James blew out the candles over Eunju’s stomach and held one up over her before letting it splash over her. She gasped a little, feeling droplets of heat hit her neck and chin. It was harsher, the way he let the wax strike her, and a turn on. 

The artist pulled something out of his pocket and revealed a knife. Eunju’s eyes widened, excitement flooding her as he traced down her torso with the edge. 

“It’s been a few centuries since I’ve been able to shave… I might be a little rusty. So you’ll want to hold very, very still.” James smirked. “I might slip.” He punctuated the word with a flick of his wrist, cracking a piece of wax off of her chest with the blade.

“Don’t worry,” Anne said, her fingers encircling Eunju’s wrists, causing wax to crack. “I’ll keep her down for you so she doesn’t go anywhere.”

Eunju grinned. “Like I want to be anywhere else.”

James began the slow process of carving the hardened wax from Eunju’s body. It was thrilling, to be caressed without him ever touching her with his hand. All the while, she was so close to Anne that lifting her head up just a few inches would have had the pair kissing passionately. The distance somehow made the entire experience even more intimate.

It took a while for the wax to be removed, since there was so much of it. Some part of her humanity that lingered felt self conscious and vulnerable when James focused on her abdomen, afraid he would find some flaw. But he seemed to enjoy the exploration, and so she surrendered to the vulnerability of her position, allowing herself to love every moment of it. Hedonism was why she became a vampire, after all. Indulgence in sex, in sensuality. An eternity of being bedded by the world’s most beautiful pirate, and whatever other lovers came her way. 

“You should thank him for being so careful,” Anne said as she ran her fingers through Eunju’s hair and plucking out a few pieces of wax. 

“How should I thank him?” 

“Mm, I can think of a few things he might like. But for now, why don’t you give him a kiss?” 

Eunju sat up and looked at James coyly. “Would you like me to kiss you?”

“Do you need to ask?” he said with a grin, and covered her mouth with his. She moaned into the kiss when his hand found her hip and traveled lower. As he toyed with her, Anne pushed her way through and kissed Eunju. Then James kissed her again. Then Anne. Someone found their way to her neck, tongue teasing her, fangs threatening to draw blood. Two sets of hands gripped and played with her body, and she lost track of which pair belonged to which vampire. It didn’t matter, as long as they both used her. 

They both sat up on the table with her, their hands and mouths doing wonders until a certain noise distracted them. The old wood under them creaked, and they all froze together, glancing at each other.

Anne smiled, then giggled as the table seemed to settle, but it was premature. 

After a moment, there was a loud crack and a crash, and the table gave out under the weight of three vampires. It took them a few seconds to realize what had happened, then they all burst into laughter.

Suzette burst into the room, still naked, her eyes wide. “Is everything alright? I heard-”

“Everything’s fine,” Anne laughed. “In fact, more than fine. I never cared for this table and wax is a pain to clean anyway.” She and James got to their feet, then helped Eunju up as she brushed away wax and splinters. 

“I think it’s time we went upstairs,” James suggested. 

“Yes, let’s,” Eunju said, leaning against him and holding Anne’s hand. 

“Suzette, will you join us?” Anne asked the human girl. “We could use refreshments, I’m sure.” 

“Never need to ask twice, Ma’am,” Suzette said. 

Eunju looked between the three people with her and smiled. The night had only just started and she knew it was going to be exquisite.

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