The Bloodline Chronicles

The Bloodline Chronicles is a contemporary (late 1990s, early 2000s) adult paranormal romance series with The Wild Rose Press. It features queer (primarily bisexual) and polyamorous romances with lots of vampiric, witchy goodness!

Witch’s Knight is now available for at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback and ebook, as well as Audible as a full-cast audiobook!

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Description for Witch’s Knight, The Bloodline Chronicles #1:


Sarai Reinhart is a witch in hiding. Having inherited rare dual gifts of healing from her late Jewitch mother and necromancy from the cruel German father who hunts her, she needs to be constantly on her guard to avoid those who would use her.

But even a skilled witch cannot run from everyone. After a mental breakdown sees her turn a mouse into a zombie, she is captured by an organization of witch hunters. To her surprise, salvation arrives in the form of vampires and one vampire in particular: the beautiful but deadly Knight Commander Marcelle, a femme fatale in service of the vampire crown prince’s political agenda. Sarai is brought to the secret vampire kingdom’s seat of power, a place no witch has seen and survived, and finds herself falling for her rescuer. Can she trust the vampire woman when Sarai’s blood holds secrets that could change the occult world forever?

The Bloodline Chronicles is #OwnVoices for LGBT (specifically B), polyamorous, and Jewish representation. You can find themed merch on my tee-spring site

What people are saying: 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve read a lot of paranormal romance books over the years, but this book is a true original.” – Mrs. N. on N. N. Light’s Book Heaven

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I cannot wait for the next. I have been truly captivated by the story and the characters!” – Beth, Archaeolibrarian

Description for Midnight Fear, The Bloodline Chronicles #2, Release date TBD:

MidnightFear_w17320_ibEven the strongest of vampires has a breaking point: for Marcelle, it was being tortured by a witch in New York and trying to return to her regular existence as if nothing had happened. 

She has too much to do to allow herself to focus on something as trivial as trauma. Occult hunters accost her witch allies; an aggravating pyromancer needles a fiery thorn in her side; and the coronation of one of her lovers, the vampire crown prince of New Ulster, Setanta, has her full attention. Not only that, but her newest lover, the necromancer and healing witch Sarai, has trials of her own to face and a reckoning to come with her formal introduction to the vampire royal court at the Midnight Festival. Marcelle and her lovers must face the demons of the past and future, or she may lose the new love she desperately needs.


Book trailer for Witch’s Knight is now up!  

Check out featured character trailers on my YouTube channel, with lines from the audio book:
Sarai Reinhart, a witch with more chutzpah than sense voiced by Brittany Ashley
Marcelle de Sauveterre, a femme fatale vampiress with authority voiced by Rosalie Derk
Setanta, a cunning and powerful pureblood vampire voiced by Stan Morris


Witch’s Knight is intended for adult audiences due to subject matter pertaining to death of one animal (a mouse), sexual situations, mention of child loss, mention of abuse, violence, attempted assault, general adulty topics, and lots of very delicious blood. Reader discretion is advised.


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(artwork by the amazing Saba at ace_of_dragons)


Short Stories set in the world of The Bloodline Chronicles:

Galit’s Golem, a F/M romance featuring a Jewish witch

sub+Human, the kinky F/M story of a vampire and her human lover focusing on impact play

Breathless, the story of a vampire marine biologist

Pomegranate Sonata, a semi-kinky F/F romance featuring the first meeting of a pair of side characters – vampire duchess and a human blood donor. 

Crimson Wax, a F/F/M romance featuring wax play and three vampires 

There’s also a novella in the work based loosely off of my relationship/experience with my late Dom, which developed from the short story of the same title: 

sub+Human, the Novella, a kinky F/M story of a vampire and her human lover. Interracial, impact play, ropes, some biting and blood, and other stuff that’ll develop as I go. 


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