When Things Don’t Go Right – Turning Pain into Art

CW: birth story and Covid-19 mention Everyone experiences pain in life. It's inevitable that life brings us stubbed toes, broken bones, break-ups, and loss peppered among the birthdays, desserts, weddings, and victories. The inspiration for this post comes from a recent experience of mine - the birth of my baby boy. While I have been … Continue reading When Things Don’t Go Right – Turning Pain into Art

Writing Polyamorous Characters in Romance

Before getting into writing about polyamory, I feel I should probably explain what it is for those of you may be unfamiliar with this form of relationship. Simply put, polyamory is consensual non-monogamy, and this can take many forms. There are not many examples of polyamory in media and fiction – certainly not positive polyamory. … Continue reading Writing Polyamorous Characters in Romance