Writers are Dominants, Readers are Submissives

I am a submissive, through and through. But when I write, I become the Dominant. 

This isn’t because I write from the perspective of a Dominant character (most of the time) or even that I wish to be a Dominant in real life. I don’t. All erotica I’ve written is from the perspective of submissive characters. It’s originally for myself, for me to enjoy my own fantasies and relive them word-for-word as I please. 

Image is of a pale woman in lingerie wearing red lipstick.

But all writers who share their fictions with willing readers become Dominants because we turn our readers into our submissives. By reading, you agree to enter my world, to submit to my desires. To see things through my eyes. To explore sensations as I decide. I guide the scenes, dictate your senses. I seep into your imagination, fill you with longing for the light scent of rosewater and the taste of crimson lips. I make you yearn. If I do my job right, I control your mind. 

Writing a story is the best way to captivate someone. Think of your favorite novel, short story, work of fiction, or even movie/TV show. Think of how how it held you prisoner and lives eternally in your life. If you read my work, you’re mine. Every once in a while, you’ll find yourself thinking of my words and wish you could enter my world. Wish you could feel the flutter of my character’s quiet laugh like butterfly wings beating against the curve of your neck. 

And now I’m in your head. Now you’re my reader.

I’ll always be a submissive… on anything other than the printed paper in your hand.

* * *

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