Get Your Book Reviewed!

I’d love to feature more books on my Bath Book Reviews! I don’t charge for this, but do ask that your book fit into a category I’m interested in. I sometimes go through phases where I read everything in sight, and sometimes will go a month or so without being in the right head space, so please be understanding. I do this for fun! If accepted, your book will be reviewed here on my blog and on my YouTube channel in detail, a post about it will be put up on my Twitter and Facebook, and a condensed version will be posted to Instagram, Goodreads, and Amazon.

I’ll always try to be honest but fair and find something nice, though I may be blunt. I love vampires in particular, of course, and also anything polyamorous and/or queer, though am also open to straight romance. I’m open to fantasy and maybe some scifi romance, but give preference to paranormal romance.

If you’d like me to review a cisgendered, heterosexual, and monogamous romance book, it must be paranormal, maybe fantasy or scifi. If you have a queer/LGBT+ or polyamorous book, I’m open to any romance genre.

I do focus on adult books, but would be open to YA.

Queer and polyamorous vampires get the highest priority. 🦇

Please contact me on Twitter or through my contact page to make a request and let me know the genre and length of your book. Please also include any pronunciations I should know, your preferred pronouns, links to buy your book so I can include them in the review, links to your author website or social media if you’d like that included, and any other information you’d like me to be aware of.

Do not send me Nazi or Confederate romance unless the Nazis/Confederates involved die and are not part of the romantic plot. I don’t want redemptions, I don’t want sob stories of how hard it is to be a Nazi/Confederate. Glorifying Nazis or Confederates rates an automatic 1/5 stars.