Bath Book Reviews

Image is of my bath, where the magic happens… referring to reading, of course!

I love relaxing in the bath with a good book… which is the only real quiet time I get to myself to read usually! So, I’ve decided to try my hand at reviewing my bath books from time to time. Links below!

If you are a reader or writer with recommendations for paranormal romance books, shoot me a message! I’ll always try to be honest but fair and find something nice to say regardless, though may be blunt. I check my Twitter messages most frequently. I love vampires in particular, of course, and also anything polyamorous and/or queer, though am also open to straight romance.

I will give star rating out of 5 in the categories of:

  • writing style
  • characters
  • worldbuilding
  • plot
  • romance
  • health of relationships

I’ll also list heat level, but don’t consider that a ‘grade’.


My Lord – 3.5/5 overall: Gothic Horror with polyamorous, bi/pan/queer, and kinky “vampires” by L. B. Shimaira

A Court of Thorns and Roses – 4.5/5 overall: Paranormal Romance featuring hetero fae/fairies by Sarah J. Maas